Reveal The Text By Erasing The Cover

Things are deemed unnecessary solely when the curiosity and creativity to unveil their value are absent.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises individuals with a strong propensity for acquiring unnecessary skills irrelevant to their positions. This results in an unclear focus and identity that may appear disordered, but fuels their creativity and adaptability as a team. The management of this team is mischievous and unpredictable because woof woof woof....

  • Tsung-Chen Hsieh

    Creative Lead

  • Tar-keing Tse

    Marketing Strategist

  • Donesign Hsier


  • Ung-Const Xiveloper


  • CEO



    "my hooman work for me, so i don't have to pawy rent-arf"


Past projects focused on uncovering the value hidden within unnecessary elements

Gamify complexity or simplicity?

Unlocking Hidden Value: Igniting Projects with Overlooked Data

Enhancing brand image with non-performance features

this section is under construction. coming soon.

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